Monday, December 3, 2007

My MAGNETIC Personality STINKS...

I wonder how long it will take me to submit my YouTube video. Finally, my husband surprised me with a Flip camera so I can do everything myself. No one ever wants to help me because ... Actually, you would have to ask them why they don't want to. I would help me if I were them.

So I started using the camera a few days ago and it's so easy. Technology has never been easy for me, especially these days. I got a "D" in my Business Machines class and I had to cry just to get that. Anyway, I found that I could do everything needed to submit my own videos.

Here's the problem. I have this "thing" that gets in the way of many electrical and battery -operated devices. I call it the "thing" but I think it is really called ELECTROMAGNETIC PHENOMENA. I didn't ask for it. I hate it and I don't want it anymore but have no idea how to get rid of it.

Here's what happens - nothing. Just the touch of my hands can render a piece of machinery, useless. I have screwed up computers, cameras, lights, cash registers, etc. I could tell stories about incidents that would probably make you not want to hang around me for long, for fear you would somehow be affected.

I've had this camera for 4 days and I've had to replace the batteries once and even when I did that, I didn't even have a chance to film because every time I tried to, it would shut off. Just this morning I started to make 4 videos and each time I would get cut off. My husband bought one too and his has never done what mine is doing. It's not defective. Sometimes when I use things like this, they just need a vacation away from me for an hour or two.

This morning after finally realizing it was the "thing", that "Peggy Thing", I turned it off and it was SO HOT; I was afraid it was going to explode! I just spent a half hour trying to find the right sized batteries to use so I can see if that helps. We have 5 different kinds and none are the right ones. That just figures, doesn't it...

I wish someone could fix ME. I've gone online and so far haven't had any help from anyone. I wrote an email to a couple of scientific institutions and one didn't follow through with it; the other company said they'd never heard of such a thing...

If anyone out there ever reads this, do you have any suggestions for me, other than, give up?

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