Saturday, June 9, 2012

DANCE MOMS (Pittsburgh)

I have become completely obsessed with Dance Moms. For someone who doesn't have a daughter or knows much about ballet or acrobatics, I never thought I would get so hooked on a program like this. It's also bewildering because I don't like to see people treating other people badly. Nevertheless, I watch them repeatedly. I guess it's about how entertaining the show is and it's definitely that.

Say what you want about Abby Lee Miller, the dark-haired dance teacher and owner of The Abby Lee Miller Dance Company, but I think she has a big heart underneath what she lets people see. I don't agree with some of her methods and things she says or does, but it's her studio and her name (as she says on almost every episode...). I think she treats the girls like they were her own. I know she has her favorites, but I guess she just can't help herself when it shows, like it did on the last episode of the first season. That was a rare occasion when Maddie, one of her best dancers, forgot her solo on stage. It was so upsetting to Abby, she actually left the competition and was a crying mess.

I find most of the moms to be extremely entertaining. Christie is the smartest, wittiest of them all. I love the way she stands up for her daughter, Chloe, a beautiful and sweet girl, and one of my favorite dancers. Not only does Christie stand up for her daughter, but the other girls and moms, as well. 

 I admire Christie so much for handling bullying by one of the moms from the rival studio, Candy Apples. Cathy, the owner is probably the meanest-spirited woman of all and lowers herself to new levels, making cutting personal comments about Christie's nose, taste in clothing, you name it. I've seen a lot of reality shows, but have never seen anyone so rude and offensive! She calls her "Disco Ball", because she sometimes wears sparkly clothing. She constantly talks about how Christie wants so badly to have style but doesn't know the meaning of the word. On one of the shows Cathy told Christie to take her Payless shoes and walk out the door. She also said that the dog pound was calling and were looking for her. Who does that! She's the new Queen of Mean, in my eyes anyway, and her taste, in my opinion, is questionable. No matter what the head "Candy Apple" dishes out, Christie can fend off and has told Cathy to "Be Gone - You have no powers here!"  

More Dance Moms coming soon. There's so much more to be said about Abby, Christie, Kelly, Melissa, Holly, Cathy and Jill. They're all unique and their little dancing girls are adorable and more mature, in my opinion, than their Dance Moms...

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