Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Do I Think This Is Confusing?

January 2, 2008

I've been writing the year 2008 for 6 months, so this has been an easy transition for me. I wish I were having more luck managing my account on Blogger.

Some people are easily confused when it comes to certain things. This is a person who is and this is one of those certain things. I swear, I can turn the easiest directions into something so complicated, it would take the Houston Space Center days to figure out what I did wrong. Sometimes I feel that my brain is so overloaded with blown or shorted- out circuits, I have to strain just to think upside-down or inside out. Where do I sign up for an isolation booth?

All I want to do is create a blog site. I started about a month ago with no one to help me. My husband said he didn't want to get involved - naturally. What's his problem, anyway? Didn't he promise to love, cherish and support me in building websites or blogs, even though they hadn't been invented in 1970? I thought he did, but I guess it was just for richer or poorer and that's what I want - to get richer, not poorer.

At first everything was fine. I was able to get my blog up right away with no problems except for the fact that without realizing it, I had taken the subject I was posting on and turned it into my website or blog, or HTML or URL or Duke of URL or whatever the name is! Not only that, but I made a spelling error. So, the first subject I was writing on was called, I Don't Think I Look Like An Ironing Board. This was turned into the permanent name of my blog and with a spelling error, to boot. Forevermore, I was to be known as -I Don't Think I Look Like An Ironing It was bad enough to actually be told I looked like an ironing board, but to be known as an ironing "noard" wasn't something I was interested in either.

I'm giving up, but not quite yet. So what, if I had to cry to get D's in Business Machines Class and Science? So what, if I'm 59 years old? I will never give up no matter how excrutiating the brain pain gets...It just takes some people longer...

Do I think this is confusing? Do you?


Michael said...

this blog is brilliant. I wish I could pay you to star in your own show in LA but I don't have any money.

Miss Peggy Sandow said...

Thanks son. You're my only reader. I either need new friends or new enemies or a family who can read and write...Ha Ha HA...